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iMate Momento Digital Picture Frame: Wireless, RSS, Wi-Fi Print E-mail
Monday, 29 January 2007
 iMate announced the Momento wireless digital picture frame, available in 10.2-inch ($299) and 7-inch ($200) sizes, both with an 800x480 display. You can plug a flash memory card directly into the frame to display its pictures, transfer photos via USB, or send pics to it via Wi-Fi.

Plus, the device can communicate with its mother ship, using the Momento Live Online subscription service that lets you upload pics from anywhere.
Momento will also be able to stream picture galleries (such as Flickr) via RSS, forward pictures from your inbox to other Momento Live users, and you can also send photos to the frame from your camera phone. If this really works, it'll slam-dunk that ill-fated eStarling. Both the 10.2-inch Momento100 and the 7-inch Momento70 will be available February 1. No word on the pricing of that Momento Live service, but you get your first month free.

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