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A great luxurious speaker Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 November 2009

Some time ago we spoke about the grand piano made by Fazioli drawn by NYT Line. If this piano pursued its way (sold in London / Hong Kong, Melbourne, Taiwan, San Francisco, Van Couver and on a yacht 85 meters long and photographed with Herbie HanckoK making the posterior face of the CD with which in 2008 he won 2 Grammy Award - better album of jazz and better album any confused albums) NYT Line drew another object, a speaker.

This speaker is made by the company Opere Sonore ( ) from a system which reproduces the vibratory effect of Stradivarius, with the same wood native of the valley of Fiemme, drink exactly with which were made these Stradivarius and are made the sounding boards of pianos (and violins, cellos, double basses, guitars).

Here is a photo of the finished object. There are some distances due to the technique, but the result is close. This object of great luxury (175 000 € without fees) will be made only in some copies and will be officially presented in world premiere in Vienna in the show Luxury Please ( ) at the end of November.

It's name : Le Songe (La Sogno) (The Dream)

specifications :
Material Fiemme Tonwood
Thickness between 2,4 and 5,6 mm
Dimensions 970 x h 1010 mm
Dimensions with the holder 970 x 1120 x h 2070 mm
Weight Opera Sonora 1085 gr.
Cube Bass 7240 gr.
Base and stainless steel holder      47600 gr
Transducers            n°2
Cube Bass module integrated – hanging
Spotlight integrated 24 V
Acoustic radiation mode diffused
Power < 12 Watt
Frequency response Opera 150 – 20.000 Hz
Frequency response Cube bass 25 – 1.500 Hz
Sound level at 1 mt at 200 Hz > 58 dBA
at 1 KHz > 90 dBA
at 20 KHz > 72 dBA


Source: Philippe Gendre -;

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