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The Singulum laptop, because diamonds are forever, even if laptops are not Print E-mail
Monday, 14 July 2008




So let's say that the $1,000,000 Luvaglio laptop you bought last year is starting to show its age with its clunky old single core processor.

singulumlaptop.jpgIt's upgrade time! But how do you upgrade from a million dollar laptop? Well, this swanky new model from Singulum ( might just do the trick.

Like most ultra luxury tech goods, the blurb talks mostly about the bling and not much about the tech, but it looks like it's basically a ThinkPad under the hood using a 2GHz Intel dual core processor. On the bling side, it has a gorgeous looking case made from your choice of exotic woods, an ivory or gold keyboard, and plenty of gold trim. Hey, you can even get a diamong track point tip, ouch! I would probably skip the ivory option however, as many countries including the US have a strict ban on ivory imports.

The price is one of those 'if you have to ask' deals.

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