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One For All Kameleon Generation III will remotely control everything Print E-mail
Wednesday, 10 January 2007
We don't know much about this new One For All Kameleon Generation III home theater remote control other than it seems to be one of the highest-end universal remotes that we've ever seen. Not only will it apparently control your stereo and video gear, but your home lighting as well.
It also includes a programmable option to execute multiple commands at the same time, so as Tech Digest points out, it can: "switch off your stereo, turn on your DVD, boost your surround sound or dim the lights when the movie starts" all at the push of a single button. The Generation III looks pretty freakin' awesome -- it starts at £70 ($130) and goes up from there, depending on how many devices you need it to control. Sadly though, we don't know when it will become available nor where, as it's not yet listed on the One For All Kameleon website.
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